Accurate financial reporting is necessary for a business, regardless of size. Operating a business in any industry requires a long list of specialized skills. Accounting doesn’t have to be one of them. Our services will save you time and money, and provide your tax professional with accurate financial records.

Accounting Services
General Ledger Entries
Trial Balance
Reconcile Subsidiary Ledgers to Trial Balance
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Fixed Asset Accounting
Customized Management Reports
Sales Tax Returns
Cash Flow / Budgeting
Cost of Project Accounting
Review client generated books
Payroll Services

We will refer you to a dependable Payroll Service or work with your current Payroll Professional. We will post the information they provide to your Cash Disbursement Journal. Your payroll and payroll tax information will then be accurately reported in your Financial Statements.

Pre-Tax Preparation

We will refer you to a dependable CPA or work with your current Tax Professional. Pre-tax preparation services include compiling your company information and providing a trial balance for your tax preparer. We will also help you interpret your tax preparer's instructions and file any necessary returns.
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